Boats in Manarola Harbour in the Cinque TerreAfter an amazing walk North along the Via dell’ Amore, you reach Manarola. This small town clings to the rocks above a small man-made harbour with one main street running down-hill to the sea. In winter, there are boats stored all over the place, in every corner and free doorway or alley which adds to the charm of this (former) fishing town.

Whilst Vernazza is at sea level, Manrola sits high above the sea with a sheer rock face on the western side dropping down to the water below. The rock pools are a great place to sit and enjoy the sun after the walk from Riomaggiore in the South or Corniglia in the North.

In the town itself, there are plenty of different places to eat. As you would expect in the Cinque Terre, there is seafood in abundance and also other local Ligurian and Italian dishes. Even those who might prefer some less Italian fare are catered for.

As I have written in some of the other Cinque Terre videos, each town here has its own unique feel and layout. The near-vertical cliffs of Manarola make such a contrast to the relaxed promenade of Monterosso (the most Northerly town of the Cinque Terre) where we stayed for the duration of our trip here. It may make for a full and tiring itinerary but seeing the 5 towns of the Cinque Terre in just 2 days really allows you to compare the individuality of these original settlements. And, once again, the best way to see them is on foot! The train between the towns is also very efficient and not too expensive either.

Once you have taken in the town and its sights, the best photos can be taken from the coastal path to the North, looking back.  From here, you can look back at the town perched high up above you but also, don’t forget to look out to sea: the view in that direction can be just as spectacular…

View from Manarola in the Cinque Terre


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