Le Terme – The Hot Springs of Tuscany

L'Antica Querciolaia is one of the Hot Springs of Tuscany near Siena. You'll need a car to get there from Florence but it is a whole day out with sun and relaxation. Entry was €14 and there are treatments such as massages available in addition. To get the best sunbeds in Summer, you'll need to arrive quite early (before 11am) and there are umbrellas for those (like me) that can't manage a full day under the Tuscan sun.


3 Responses to “Le Terme – The Hot Springs of Tuscany”

  1. Sanctuare says:

    Thank you! Great stuff…we’re going to staying at our property near Siena, so this is definitely on the must do list. Trip is in October…think it will be open?

  2. Jason says:

    Glad you like it! I had a look at their website but it isn’t working, unfortunately. I know that they open for at least some of the winter as my friends told me you can go at night when it’s quite cold and sit/swim in the hot water looking at the stars. Not bad!

  3. Sanctuare says:

    Jason…thanks for the information. I’ve gone to the hot springs at Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies and stared up at the stars from the steaming water and it’s great.

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