Ride In The Hills Of Mugello (near Florence)

On Sunday 25th April, we took a ride in the hills North East of Florence. Within just a few minutes, you can be lost on windy tracks and narrow roads with vistas that go on for miles. We stumbled across an old ruined windmill and a lovely little restaurant in the middle of nowhere!


2 Responses to “Ride In The Hills Of Mugello (near Florence)”

  1. Roy says:

    Thanks. I also like the Mugello and enjoyed the scenery you’re presenting here. I worked on a farm there last year in the hills above Vaglia. I also like motorcycles. Is there any way you could mount that camera on the bike and cruise around those roads?

  2. Jason says:

    Hi Roy, there is a way to mount the Flip and I will be trying it when I return to Florence this Autumn! Keep an eye on the site or, even better, find Flip Florence on Facebook.

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