Deserted Florence At Dawn

The Golden Hour (thanks to Sanctuare Press for bringing that term to my attention): the time just after dawn or before sunset when the light is at its best. When you visit Florence, you will probably have many sunsets but how many dawns will you see? I know, I know, you are on holiday and getting up early is the last thing you probably want to do but it will be worth it. Firstly, the place is practically deserted. If you want Florence to yourself, this will be your best chance. You can get great photos around all of the landmarks with just you in them. This simply doesn’t happen any other time. Plus, you will really appreciate your cup of coffee after your dawn stroll. So, set your alarm clock just for one day and see Florence as it once was; you won’t regret it!

It's possible to have Florence to yourself but you'll have to get up pretty early! It's well worth the pain though and you'll have the unique experience of seeing the town wake up.


One Response to “Deserted Florence At Dawn”

  1. Lucky me, I am a morning bird. I’ll be up early when I come :-)

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