Arezzo – Market Day in Winter

Once a month, there is an antiques market in the Tuscan Town of Arezzo. Some friends of mine visited on a Sunday and commented how quiet the town was. But this is definitely not the case on market day when the streets are packed with locals and tourists. It has to be said that most are browsing and the event is mostly an excuse to go out and people watch. Oh, they love that here and Arezzo’s Antiques Market guarantees that there will be plenty of people to see!

arezzo square tuscany

As we went in winter, it is quite romantic as the sun goes down and the town gets dark. Like many towns in Tuscany, they have gone to some effort to light the place well. Although the Flip doesn’t do well on low light so you’ll just have to believe me! And, if you like the idea of visiting here, have a look at Arezzo in the Summer.


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