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Jason - FlipFlorenceAs a concept, Flip Florence began as a video site but has now grown into a network of Social Media channels all of which have a distinct way for you to discover more about the fabulous city of Florence and the surrounding area of Tuscany. Whether you are researching a trip to here or dreaming about a visit there is a wealth of videos, photos, articles and tips to show you the real Florence:

Flip Florence TwitterFlipFlorence on Twitter – follow me for updates on new Florence videos, pictures and live comment.

Like Florence?FlipFlorence Facebook Page – everyone and their gran is on Facebook so get involved for Florence-related news, pictures and blog updates.

FlipFlorence’s Blog – articles, pictures and comment (basically stuff that isn’t videos of Florence) can be found here.

FlipFlorence on Foursquare – want to know where I am and get tips on the places I visit? Of course you do!

FlipFlorence Twitpic - when I tweet a photo it goes on here so it’s a great picture book of my time in Florence.

FlipFlorence YouTube Channel – short video clips and unedited footage from events in Florence and Tuscany

The First 6 Months

Flip Florence is a video site dedicated to the city of Florence, started in July 2009. All videos are shot with a Flip HD, hence the name!

The purpose of the site is twofold: firstly, to show visitors to the site the city of Florence as it changes throughout the year and secondly, to create a travel video site on as low a budget as possible.

In the first six months of existence, video from the site has been featured on Sky1 in the UK as well as on the Tuscan Tourist Board’s official site and it has received mentions on Conde Nast’s Concierge.com and from the Microsoft Twitter stream.

It's light, small and only cost £150

It's light, small and only cost me £150

Next Steps

Over the course of 2010, the site will have more video added as well as text articles. The site has at the time of writing (December 2009) just had a brand new layout which divides articles into pure video and gives the option of text only.

We will also be offering the opportunity for local businesses to benefit from the explosion of online video in a very cost effective manner.

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