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Shopping Around Piazza Della Repubblica in Florence

The shopping in Florence is superb and all the major domestic and International designers have a presence in the city. From the top end of Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton to the more affordable Zara and H&M, Florence has plenty of choice! The majority of fashion houses have small outlets  around Piazza Della Repubblica in the centre of the city. There’s plenty to occupy you for a half day (depending on your wallet!) but the serious shoppers head out of town to the outlets.

Major fashion houses such as Gucci and Prada have outlets out of town where bargains can be had all year, The problem for most travelers to Florence is that they are difficult to get to without a car and even with one, it’s stressful which is not what you come on holiday for is it? Luckily, there are organised trips that leave from the centre and take you out to the outlets, hassle free. The best thing is that the modest cost is more than made up for by the savings you can make; plus it’s a great day out!

Florence Attractions, Florence Videos, Piazze, Shopping in Florence

Sant Ambrogio Market – Piazza Ghiberti

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As featured on Anthony’s site How to Tour Italy, Sant Ambrogio market is in Piazza Ghiberti in the west of Florence selling fruit and vegetables as well as clothing, shoes and even plants! As an area, Sant Ambrogio is still mostly Italian and that means local prices and a higher standard of produce.

The market has both an outdoor and an indoor area though at the time of writing the interior is having a refit and so it was difficult to film much inside. Outside, about half of the market is dedicated to Fruit and Veg. See some basic Italian food vocabulary

As with most markets, you will need to get there early, though today the market was still going at 11am so it depends on the day.

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