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Bardini Gardens – Boboli’s Little Sister

Bardini Gardens reopened in 2005 after being allowed to fall into disrepair over 50 years. It sits on a 10-acre  site which houses the Gardens and also the Villa Bardini. There is a sweeping baroque stairway, hidden statues, fountains, grottoes, a small amphitheatre though most tourists will be here for the breathtaking views over the city of Florence.

Giardino Bardini was originally two gardens, one belonging to the Mozzi family. They owned a stretch of Florence between Costa San Giorgio, Piazza de’Mozzi and Via San Niccolò. The the other half of the gardens was attached to the 17th  century Villa Manadora.

Florence Attractions, Florence Videos, Things to do in Florence

Boboli Gardens or Giardino di Boboli

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The Boboli Gardens or locally, Giardino di Boboli (ooh, he speaks Italian) are behind the Pitti Palace and are home to a collection of sculptures dating from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries, with some Roman antiquities. Plus there are some, ah, more recent additions scattered about the place. There’s a sculpture of what looks like dung beetles fighting; that’s my favourite.

The Boboli Gardens really are huge and it is possible to get (deliberately) lost in them for hours. Unfortunately, it is a constant work in progress so there will be barriers and “No Entry” signs here and there but with so many of the major works completed, the place really is a marvel in the centre of a city such as Florence.

A 10 Euro ticket from Giardino Bardini gives you access to the Giardino di Boboli which is easily enough walking and garden viewing for a whole day but if you want to go to see other museums on your trip to Florence, Alexandra at ArtTrav.com has some really useful information on how you can see everything on on ticket and skip the queues!

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Giardino Bardini – Florence’s Newest Renaissance Garden

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The Giardino Bardini was only recently opened to the public and the gardens and statues have been beautifully restored. The main entrance is on Via de’ Bardi, just over the road from the Museo Bardini (see Google StreetView below) although the shop and another exit can be found on Costa di San Giorgio. From there, you can walk to Forte di Belevedere* and the Giardino di Boboli for which your ticket is valid. Entrance at the time of writing (August 2009) is 10 Euros.

The Garden is marvellous, especially in the early morning. If you are lucky, you can have the place to yourself (as I did) by going when it opens at 8:15. Be aware that the shop opens at 9 and the cafe doesn’t open until 10. The early morning start is worth it though as the sun hits the terraces and it’s also not too hot for the climb to the top. Once you are up there, if you exit on Costa di San Giorgio (turn left and follow the signs)  you can walk a short distance to the Giardino di Boboli and you enter at the top; it’s all downhill after that!

This video was made after a suggestion from RobertaK on Twitter. Send me a suggestion and if I can, I’ll shoot the video! Aren’t I good to you?

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*Unfortunately, a young woman lost her life at the Fort and it is now closed until it the investigation has completed